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We analyse the present and think the future. To unleash the advantages of online platforms, it is important to successfully understand the kaleidoscope of consumer behavior. At Blue Planet, we harness a unique blend of listening, research, and analysis to help you get to where you want to be.

About Blue Planet

Blue Planet is an online digital marketing company in Abu Dhabi, UAE with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing industry. With our wide range of experience and expertise, we help companies to implement various strategies and campaigns effectively with our exceptional dedicated resources of creative designers, developers, digital content writers, social media strategists, bloggers and search engine specialists who are true passionate with their online digital marketing skills. We served for various industries and business houses around the globe in search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing with our flexible, accountable, custom-made personal approaches. We believe, in todays digital world, success means planning around the consumers, not around products or services.

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We make custom strategies for every project, in order to achieve sustainable results. Insights derived from comprehensive analysis is leveraged to make futuristic plans.

Knowing where you stand is important to draw your road map to the future. A meticulous brand analysis will give insight into your status, and help in demystifying the various factors that influences your consumer choice and behavior.

A competent competitive analysis can often be your guide to a successful online presence. It helps in further deepening the understanding of your consumers, and laying out plans that best suit their perceptions.

Our Services

We are a 360 degree internet marketing and web development solution company in Abu Dhabi, UAE providing top-of-the-line services for clients across the globe.

Search Engine Marketing

Today, majority of your consumers resort to search engines for decision-making. Hence, it is important to be seen where people are searching. Our pay-per-click strategy will take the people who need your products and services to your website or landing page, without bothering them about your online competitors.

We believe that each business is different and accordingly we tailor our online marketing tactics to any business. Our highly qualified team determine the best suited approach for your business to bring out best possible results, supported with monthly performance report to assure you that you are spending your valuable time and money in right way. We apply best effective strategies in search engine marketing with the relevant keywords as paid search has been proven to give great results with significant conversions at a relatively low cost.

Search Engine Optimization

The first step to online success is to be visible to your prospects. A result-oriented Search Engine Optimization strategy can set the path for this visibility. Having worked for various clients from multiple business verticals with our expertise and years of experience in search engine optimization, we are adept at analyzing your web presence and strategizing execution plan efficiently with onpage, offpage activities and other SEO techniques. We as one of the most trusted online digital marketing agency in UAE with well experienced in serving clients around the globe with our search engine optimization services. As one of th best SEO company in UAE, we helped our valuable clients to achieve best possible rankings in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc with trusted whitehat methodologies. We help B2B & B2C companies to visible with their products and services on search engines ahead of their competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a give and take process. It involves being visible to the people who would find you significant, and engaging with them to build relationships. These relationships last longer, and remain loyal to you, if gratified emotionally and functionally. We as one of the best social media marketing company in UAE create circumstances to initiate conversations; and make these conversations valuable to the people. We help companies to reach out to their potential customers through our effective social media marketing campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp etc

Web development

Your website is the central hub that helps you communicate with people online. With changing consumer behavior, technology, and increasing expectations, it becomes imperative to have a futuristic online storefront.


We develop and foster the identity of your company, to help enhance your business performance. Strategies born out of analytical thinking come live in the form of world class designs and campaigns, that are bound to give your business, a competitive edge.

Business Consultancy

We help achieve your business goals with our steadfast consultancy services. Whether it is a start-up or a large enterprise we help you with matters that are of utmost importance to you. We work alongside you to achieve growth, transformation, and to improve the effectiveness of your business.

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